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We provide each person with a wide variety of services, for all your piano needs.

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Basic Needs


$200 is the cost of a basic piano tuning, assuming the piano is already at pitch. 

If the piano pitch is flat, strings are corroded or other special difficulties arise, an extra fee of $65 may be incurred (can be expected due to extreme changes in humidity, relocating pianos or years of neglect).

$4Hammer voicing (tone) can be improved or corrected with 20-30 minutes of careful needling.  Hammers can be steamed, re-aligned and squared to strings, or all filed to remove dead/grooved felt - and custom voiced to a particular tonal structure ($600).

* Late payment fees and interest will be

incured and enforced after 1 month.



$75 May cover a small repair like replacing a broken string, remedying a buzz, or repairing a broken hammer or missing damper...

$4can be incurred in adjusting one area of the mechanics, or if your piano is ready for a complete mechanical and tonal regulation (10,000 moving parts), which will reset it to factory specs or higher, this specialized work will run $2400 for a grand piano.

$5500-$16,000 will be required to partially or comprehensively restore (rebuild) your piano and its worn parts.



$250 is the cost to make a detailed on-site evaluation of your piano's current condition and needs.  A hard-copy will be mailed and further communication offered over the phone. (used for rebuilding, insurance estimates and resale values)

$0 We offer FREE purchase advice over the phone and via email.  Don't be taken by fake piano sales or bad internet deals.

Contact us first!

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