PROJECTS - current & past...

1925 Chickering 9'  custom voicing and regulation:
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1900 Kranich
Original condition
New strings, keyboard felt
Original plate and strings
Cleaned vs original condition
DeStringing bass
Stringing bass, no case sides
Measuring for bass strings
Plate bolt diagram
1900 Kranich & Bach

Complete restoration inside and out, with a special instance of removing sides of case.

VIDEO 1      VIDEO 2

( 43 pics )  Rebuilt 2020

Removing dampers
Removing bass strings
Careful measurments
Strings & pins gone
Removing the plate
Scraping SB
SB ready
Ribs repairs
Recessed pinblocks
1897 Chickering
model 109-C

Restored for that lush American sound!

3 recessed pinblocks, screw-in damper wires - oh what fun  :)


( 20 pics)  Rebuilt  2020

Fully restored Steinway V
Restored 1917 Steinway V
Water damage
Water damage
Removing old Steinway strings
Scraping off old lacquer
Bridges being scraped
Steinway board
Soundboard repaired
1917 Steinway V

Piano sat in water and required a complete restoration including case



( 27 pics ) Rebuilt 2018

1925 Vose restrung
1925 Vose original condition
Destringing the Vose
Scraping off old lacquer
Bridge repairs
Vose bridge notching
Installing new bridge pins
Installing new bridge pins
1925 Vose
and Sons

A family heirloom that

will enjoy a complete

rebuilding or tonal

and mechanical


2019 Restoration...

Completed and in home
Restored 1884 Sohmer
1884 Symmetrical Sohmer
Rebuilt 1884 Sohmer
1884 symmetrical Sohmer
Taking string measurments
Balancing act
1884 Sohmer plate removed
1884 Sohmer

Rebuilding a uniquely shaped

grand piano, replete with SB cracks, loose tuning pins and 

rocker capstans.

( 30 pics ) Rebuilt 2017

Refinished and rebuilt
Sunburst style refinishing
Wurlitzer ready for strings
Filthy cracked soundboard
Sanding original soundboard
Soundboard sanded
Preparing old keys for shipment
Old ivories need replaced
original and sanded sharps
1931 Wurlitzer
"iron pinblock"

Unique cast iron pin-

block, split & wedged

tuning pins.

Piano was refinished,

restrung, new action,

new keytops, SB repair


( 35 pics ) Rebuilt 2018

Rippen open
Agraffes are not threaded
New pinblock made
Cheaply made keys lacking wood
Comparing new & old pinblocks
1947 Rippen piano
Stringing through removed agraffe
1947 Rippen
​"A most unique upright, styled as a grand piano on its side."


Here are some snapshots of rebuilding which includes: new strings, filing hammers,

polishing parts, regulating action components.  Note this piano is straight-strung and

enjoys a full set of agraffes (for added challenge to re-stringing).

Rebuilt in 2012


New action
1930 Baldwin.jpg
Shape affects tone
1930 Baldwin E
Colorado Piano Care
Polishing key pins.jpg
1930 Baldwin G 3.jpg
WP_20130928_002 - Copy.jpg
Polishing Capstans.jpg
1930 Baldwin G
A complete rebuilding
including repairing the
soundboard, bridges,
new German action
parts, precise action
regulation, voicing and
minor case refinishing.
Rebuilt 2013
Steinway Concert Grand.jpg
Leveling strings.jpg
Aligning backchecks.jpg
2 pianos at Colorado Piano Care.jpg
1979 Steinway D
In to remedy malfunctioning Teflon
action parts, install new German
hammers, and a complete regulation.