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PROJECTS - current & past...

1934 Chickering 9'


1900 Kranich & Bach

Complete restoration inside and out, with a special instance of removing sides of case.

VIDEO 1      VIDEO 2

( 43 pics )  Rebuilt 2020

1897 Chickering
model 109-C

Restored for that lush American sound!

3 recessed pinblocks, screw-in damper wires - oh what fun  :)


( 20 pics)  Rebuilt  2020

1917 Steinway V

Piano sat in water and required a complete restoration including case



( 27 pics ) Rebuilt 2018

1925 Vose
and Sons

A family heirloom that

will enjoy a complete

rebuilding or tonal

and mechanical


2019 Restoration...

1884 Sohmer

Rebuilding a uniquely shaped

grand piano, replete with SB cracks, loose tuning pins and 

rocker capstans.

( 30 pics ) Rebuilt 2017

1931 Wurlitzer
"iron pinblock"

Unique cast iron pin-

block, split & wedged

tuning pins.

Piano was refinished,

restrung, new action,

new keytops, SB repair


( 35 pics ) Rebuilt 2018

1947 Rippen
​"A most unique upright, styled as a grand piano on its side."


Here are some snapshots of rebuilding which includes: new strings, filing hammers,

polishing parts, regulating action components.  Note this piano is straight-strung and

enjoys a full set of agraffes (for added challenge to re-stringing).

Rebuilt in 2012


1930 Baldwin G
A complete rebuilding
including repairing the
soundboard, bridges,
new German action
parts, precise action
regulation, voicing and
minor case refinishing.
Rebuilt 2013
1979 Steinway D
In to remedy malfunctioning Teflon
action parts, install new German
hammers, and a complete regulation.
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