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Find an answer to most of your piano questions! 

Square grand worked on by Joel Weber

General Questions


How old is my piano...

How many strings do pianos have...

How heavy is a piano...

What are the best pianos...

How long does a tuning take...

How much does a tuning (and other services cost)...

Why do strings break...  Read more

Joel Weber piano maintenance 970-663-9565

Piano Maintenance


All pianos will and do require regular maintenance to improve their present condition, and keep them performing at their true potential.

No new piano arrives at your home in perfect condition, and over time all pianos wear and lose precision in mechanics.

The hammers striking the strings causes grooving and wearing of felt - which in turn changes and diminishes the tone...  Read more

Should i tip the piano tuner

Tuning Etiquette


Should I tip my piano tuner?

Do I need to be home during the tuning?

Can I schedule the cleaners or roofers the same day?

...find answers to some basic tuning questions...  Read more

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