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From small repairs to large-scale piano rebuilding, there is always something in process here at Colorado Piano Care.  Come take a look at the inner workings of pianos, and maybe even find a few Pianos For Sale!


​How often should a piano be tuned, which piano is the best, does my piano need rebuilt, can I move my piano myself - and many other questions answered...


​Weber Piano Care offers a wide variety of dedicated services to piano owners.  From home tunings to concert piano preparation. From piano purchase advice to insurance appraisals.  Thanks to international training and experience, we specialize in custom piano voicing and action regulation!

A Piano is only as good as its Technician!

Even the greatest pianos require maintenence.  Don't let your instrument lose its precision and music making ability through neglect.

Not all pianos are equal, and neither are their technicians.  We are specialized for the truly discerning piano owner and performer.

Pianos are valuable instruments, clearly worth preserving for centuries.

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